An Incredible Month & A Thank You

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July was our month to give back to others and I am blown away by all the generosity we found!
Thank you to every single person who made an appointment or donation during the month of July! With your help and generosity we were able to give $200 to RAINN.
This was our first year ever doing this so we cannot wait to see how this grows in the years to come! Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’ve helped over 20 survivors who will now have a chance to heal. You’ve created education programs to teach abuse prevention and you’ve helped fund legislation that protects individuals from sexual slavery and brings perpetrators to justice.
…All because you chose to “Take Care of Your Back While Taking Care of Others”


Help Your Back While Helping Others

July is going to be a very special month at Beth Cruz, LMT. This month, I would like to express gratitude to those who have worked very hard to ensure that we all have the opportunity to speak and live freely. From service men and women, to civil rights activists, social workers, counselors, humanitarians, etc. we all owe their hard work and passion a huge “thank you”.

During the month of July, 25% of all services purchased with me will go directly to RAINN. RAINN is an organization which aims to “prevent sexual violence, help victims and ensure[s] that rapists are brought to justice.” In my line of work sexual slavery and abuse is a real and urgent issue. It is something I would like to bring your to attention and educate you so we can give back in a real and tangible way.

As a way of expressing my gratitude to a very special organization that has grown dear to my heart, I would like to set aside a call to you this month.

Please tell EVERYONE you know about this special during the month of July! I would love to be able to give back as much as possible and tell others about this great organization. You can learn more about RAINN, their programming, education and how they use their funding at 

If you would like to learn more about human trafficking’s impact on the profession of therapeutic massage and our society, please see “Hiding In Plain Sight” by Heather McCutcheon.