Client Reviews

“I got my husband a massage as a graduation present and he loved it. Beth knew all the right questions to massage where he really needed it and gave him advice on what to do to ease his discomfort between massages. She even came to our apartment which definitely aided in his relaxation!”
– Chloe C., Atlanta, GA

“Beth has a very “at ease” energy about her. She is very knowledgeable and always very professional. Beth makes sure to take concern and interest in whatever issues I am having in my body at the time. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Making time for a massage with Beth at least once a month is a must for me. She definitely gets my stamp of approval!!”
– Angela, Yoga Instructor, Atlanta, GA

“I have had several massages with Beth and they are always wonderful! She is very concerned with where I may be hurting and what she can do to help and I am always very relaxed when our sessions are over. I’ve had many massages through the years and she is truly one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. She always gives me some exercises to do to help in between massages and follows up to see how I’m doing.”
Melinda B., Office Manager, Acworth, GA

“Awesome! She slowly released so much deep tension. Thank you!”
Mackenzie, preschool and yoga teacher, Atlanta, GA

” I’ve gotten one massage by Beth, when I was in a pinch, literally. I had a pinched nerve and didn’t really know where to turn. She consulted with me and we decided on a deep tissue massage. She was very kind and informative on what I needed to take care of the pain. She did a wonderful job and really helped alleviate my pain. Beth is a wonderful and professional person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Chris, Atlanta, GA

” Many long, stressful months have left my shoulders uncomfortably stiff. After seeing Beth, I can once again move my shoulders fluidly and freely. I’ve also been grinding my teeth in my sleep, which to my surprise, can be caused by the tension in your neck. She took the time to ease those nerves and now my jaw is feeling its first relief in weeks. I felt that she cared for more than just my immediate physical comfort, but an enduring comfort when I go back to my normal routines. I will definitely be seeking Beth’s services again.”
Will, Atlanta, GA

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