October Wellness – Day 18 – Massage

October Wellness – Day 18 – Massage. This blog post is from a wonderful blog I stumbled upon while researching this past weekend. Kudos to her for taking a month for her health. If you’d like to see how the rest of her month goes please head over to A Woman’s Lifestyle blog at the links below. Enjoy her article! (It was too good not to share 🙂 )

“October Wellness – Day 18 – Massage

So basically all I’m going to do is list the reasons why you should be getting a regular massage.  You can use it to explain to people why they should buy you one for your birthday, or for valentine’s day, mother’s day, and every other day.  🙂  You’re welcome!

– Massage releases endorphins to cut anxiety and stress hormones
– Helps relieve back pain
– Reduces headaches and muscle tension
– Treat constipation, insomnia and high blood pressure
– Help with depression
– Improves your circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.
– Improves the look of your skin and hair
– Boosts your immune system
– Raises alertness
– Eases symptoms of PMS
– Pushes out toxins so more nutrients can find their way into your cells

I bought a ‘massage a month’ gift for my hubby last year for Christmas.  It’s been a great in the sense that you don’t have a massive up front cost, just a regular monthly cost.  At that time of the year a big expense is the last thing you need, and it’s coming up.  There are so many benefits to getting a good rub down ;) so why not hint this great gift idea to your loved ones this year?  And if you don’t get spoilt with a massage gift, why not spoil yourself and do something relaxing and rejuvenating for your wellbeing?


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