Mother’s Day is Close! What Have You Gotten Her?


So sorry if I haven’t been super active on the website in the past week. Having a wedding can tend to have the effect of a black hole on your time. But, my sweet mother also had a stroke on Tuesday and I’ve been spending my days with her in the hospital and talking to doctors about her care. Good news is she is recovering well and they anticipate a full recovery!

With that being said, Mother’s Day will be here soon! Show your mother (or any important ladies in your life) how much you care. Mom either went through some serious pain to give birth to you or made a very heartfelt decision to invite you into her family and care for you like only a mom can. In either circumstance, moms are incredibly important to us in so many aspects of our lives. They are usually under a great amount of stress, having to be in two or three different places at once and feeding, cleaning and hugging us. Why not show them some of the same love she has shown us our whole lives by giving her the gift of massage? Let her be taken care of and pampered, and give her the chance to relax and let go of some of those worries and responsibilities.

Gift certificates are available now and can be purchased over the phone with any major credit or debit card. I am also scheduling appointments for Mother’s Day! Please refer to the Services page to see what I offer and how you’d like to help your mom enjoy her day!


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