Get to Know Angela

Over the past six months I have had the pleasure to get to know Angela and about her love and joy for yoga and inspiring people to be their healthiest. Her passion started early and has grown into a well-rounded philosophy on health, including yoga, a clean, balanced diet and a calm mind. Read more about Angela and how she can inspire you to be your healthiest!

   How did you become introduced to yoga?  “My mother is the first person who brought up yoga to me. I have had a yoga book I got from her for at least 15 years. I believe I took my very first yoga class in 2005 at a tiny little studio about two blocks from me called Nirvana Yoga. It has been a journey ever since.”

   What drew you to become a yoga instructor?  “To me yoga is life and life is yoga. What happens on the mat always trickles over into my life. So many lessons in life can be learned from the art of yoga. There is so, so much more to yoga then just postures. I find bliss in teaching this to my students!  I had toyed with the idea of teaching for a couple years and finally decided 2012 was the year! I feel teaching yoga is one of my purposes on this earth. I truly enjoy bringing the beauty and grace of yoga to others lives. “

   What is your philosophy on health and well-being?  “I look at my body as a temple and treat it so. I feel moderation is the key in life even finding moderation in moderation.  “Well-being” to me is having a healthy balance that includes: physical, emotional & spiritual health as well as having healthy relationships around you.”

   How do you stay motivated to keep your practice and healthy habits all year long? “Well on the physical side of it, if I don’t take care of my body for periods of time I feel like crap! So that is a great motivator! Like I said, I see my body as a temple and I know I only get one so… I better take care of it.  This goes along with my emotional/mental health if I am feeling down I do my best to pin point why and work on that. Life is to short to not feel AMAZING!”

   Any words of advice for people who are making changes in their health for the new year? “It is a process, don’t expect to be at the finish line so quickly. It takes time and effort to make your goals (just like anything in life). Just stick with it! Make weekly/monthly/yearly goals. Also, it is ok to “treat yourself” every once and awhile,remember balance!!”

Learn more about Angela on the Wellness Partners page.  Or “like” her on Facebook and her website:
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Atlanta Yoga Instructor


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