Make 2013 a Happy and Inspired Year!

My chiropractor, Dr. April (see her in Wellness Partners!), recently sent out her monthly newsletter and she announced that her center will be doing a 21 Day Happiness Advantage. Basically it is a way to prepare yourself each day from start and finish with a positive motivation and intention. And honestly, who couldn’t use some of that? Most of us are so stressed and frustrated with work, traffic or who knows what else, that we forget we have a right to relax and be happy! So put yourself in the advantage and let’s get happy. I know I will!

Below are Dr. April’s guidelines for having a happy and inspired year:

(to be performed DAILY)
  • Write 3 things you are grateful for
  • Journal 1 positive experience from your day
  • Exercise 15 minutes minimally—anything that you enjoy!
  • Meditate (spending at least 15 minutes in silence or following a ritual of your choice)
  • Perform One Random Act of Kindness (i.e. write an email thanking someone; donate $1 to your favorite charity etc.)

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