Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s a new article from TIME on different methods to overcome the “winter blues” or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many of us can have seasonal depression or just an overall sense of fatigue and lack of motivation once the time changes and the temperature drops. This article highlights 8 ways that we can effectively deal with the winter blues.

AND…..Massage is on the list! Not only is massage comforting and uplifting, but adding aromatherapy to your session can lift your mood and give you a sense of warmth. Ask your therapist which types of massage and essential oils are best for you.

So get out there and be active and happy during our most festive season of the year!

– Beth Cruz, LMT, NCBTMB certified


Start Your Holidays Right: De-Stress

Start your holiday out right:


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Happy Holidays to all!

Pinterest and Massage?? YES!

As many of you may already know Pinterest is a great website for getting inspiration, organizing projects, finding new recipes, helpful tips and more. But, an article recently showed that Pinterest is receiving more traffic than Yahoo! So….why not take advantage of it so you can learn how to be a healthier and happier you? Below I’m posting the link to my “Massage: More Than Just a Luxury” Pinterest board!

There you can find helpful tips for home care, fun infographics, updates from the website, cute and funny pictures, and holiday events/giveaways, etc.! So head on over to Pinterest then come back and tell me what your favorite pin is and what you’d like to see more of! Happy pinning!

Massage: More Than Just a Luxury Pin Board

Wishing you joy and health,

Beth Cruz, LMT, NCBTMB certified