Fresh food, friends and chair massage!

Incredible and exciting news folks! I will now be providing chair massage at the Grant Park farmers market in Sunday’s!! Come say hey, grab some coffee and donuts, get your groceries, see friends and come rel-a-a-a-x at the Cafe of Life tent! See you all there!!

-Beth Cruz, LMT, NCMT


7 Reasons to Get Massage TODAY!

7. You’ve been putting it off for a while now

We drive by little massage therapy shops everyday that remind us about massage but do we ever stop? We always say “I’ll go next week” “When things slow down” “When I go on vacation” etc. etc. But we all know….next week turns into the week after, things don’t ever really slow down, you’re already spending money on vacation and feel guilty spending more money on a massage. Do something GREAT for yourself today. Call a licensed therapist who can address your issues and give you an EXCELLENT massage!

6. Because there’s no time like the present!

As I said above “I’ll go next week” never actually turns into “next week”. So why not stop in today? Sure you have errands to run, lunches to pack, laundry to do, and dinner to make. So does your massage therapist but we’re here for you. One hour out of your day for yourself and your health can make a phenomenal impact on your ability to get things done with more energy and less pain. So, TODAY is YOUR day! Make the most of it!

5. Your stress levels keep rising and you need to rel-a-a-a-a-x!

When your body is stressed it puts stress on your organs and muscles. Your muscles will tighten in a “fight or flight” response, always on the ready. Your organs will either work harder or your digestive system will slow down in order to protect you. Your adrenal glands (on top of your kidneys) will secrete cortisol, which over an extended period of time can cause fatigue or exhaustion. But, good news!! Massage is great at relieving stress and lowering those cortisol levels. (ps – if you want to read more about how, go to the Resources and Research page)

4. Relieve pain!

So many of us deal with pain on a constant basis and believe it will just go away. Sometimes it may but it will usually resurface later. Why not address the issue now? Muscles tension, soreness, headaches, spasms, and carpal tunnel type issues and more can all be addressed with massage. So don’t delay….feel 100%!

3. You need to recover from a multitude of activities!

Whether you just ran your first 5k, your fifth marathon, traveled around the world, or manage a house of kids, we’re ALL involved in activities and even the activities we love can take a toll on our bodies. Massage is a perfect way for your to recover from the things that keep you busy. Whether you need to relieve muscle tension, need reflexology for your feet, want to work on your flexibility/range of motion or feel a little more energized, massage can do ALL of those things for you. Just ask your therapist which modalities they practice and whether they can help you meet your health goals.

2. Detox!

So you had a festive weekend or you’re feeling a bit under the weather? Good thing you know about massage and how it can help you detox. πŸ˜‰ Massage increases circulation not only in the blood vessels but also in the lymphatic system encouraging your body to cleanse and boost immunity. Also, abdominal massage can stimulate your liver and intestines to start working harder to eliminate wastes and toxins.

1. Empowering you to make a bold choice for your health

Every time you do something good for yourself such as eating fresh vegetables, going to yoga, OR getting a massage, you are choosing to make an investment in your current and future health! You are giving yourself the power and responsibility to make the decisions about your health and how you want to feel and how you are going to stay healthy. Massage can help you get there and help empower you if you let it and if you choose it as a part of your health regimen. So schedule yourself to see your massage therapist today!!