Would You Like to Get $10 off a 60 Minute Massage?

Would you like to get $10 off a 60 minute massage?? Who wouldn’t! Offer starts now through July 23rd. All you have to do is go by our beautiful new workspace (see previous post!!) and tell us about our new animal friend in the front yard. Don’t give away the secret; be sure to tell us in person or when you schedule your appointment. Spots are filling up fast so go see the space then call 404-917-4992 today!!


Beautiful New Workspace!

I know it seems like I just moved into a new space but we (myself and Cafe of Life) have been incredibly blessed with a new and wonderful space to work! Have no fear, locals; the new space is only 1 mile away from the current space. It is at the far end of the park near the pet shop on:

1030 Grant St

Atlanta, GA 30315

We have a view of the APD horse pasture, a community garden, yoga/fitness studio, chiropractic center, childcare, massage studio and MORE! All are invited to view the new space come July.

Our official first day will be July 23, 2012 so mark your calendars and take advantage of this amazing new space!